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How to Talk About the Pulse Massacre

Things to keep in mind and lessons learned from Orlando:

  • The Pulse massacre was a shooting in a popular gay nightclub on Latin night in the middle of Pride month. The victims were overwhelmingly Latinx, LGBTQ+ young people. We have to name the communities that were attacked and the animosity at the root of the shooter’s intent.
  • Avoid the word “anniversary” and instead use words like “remembrance” when recognizing the occasion of the Pulse massacre.
  • Use the word “taken” or “killed,” not lost (in reference to the 49 victims)
  • Avoid using the name of the shooter
  • Emphasize action that will address hate violence and give voice to the intersections of race, gender, and sexuality

“Honor Them with Action” is a reminder and a pledge to uproot hatred and bigotry of all kinds and make the world different, better and more equal for all of us.

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